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The Five Core Principles of Tembo Hospitality Group

An Obsession With Talent Management

At Tembo HG, we strive to create and maintain a customer-centric atmosphere. That starts with how we take care of and develop the skills of our employees on all levels. Technical skills are important, but these can always be taught and practiced. We believe customer-friendly traits and a sense of purpose matter most to both employee and organizational success.

The answer is yes! Now what was your question?

It’s long been preached to never tell guests “no”, but at Tembo HG, we take that sentiment a bit further. We believe in empowering employees to say “yes”, no matter what the question is or what department might normally handle said request. A little creativity and initiative can go a long way. 

A Customer Service Culture Inside Out, Even Under Stress

We strongly believe in instilling a culture where guests, as well as those who serve guests, are treated with equitable kindness and empathy, whether it’s a good day or a bad day. When that balance is reached, magic follows.

“Positive Peer Pressure”

Have you ever been to Disney World and noticed that every employee, whether they’re in a business suit or a cartoon character suit, picks up trash when they see it on the ground? New hires aren’t only taught to pick up trash at orientation, but they see successful veterans within the organization setting that example every day until they realize that’s the way to “fit in”. Our goal is to get your organizational culture to that level so that even when you aren’t present, you can have peace of mind knowing the culture will maintain itself.

A Purpose Driven Approach to the Workplace

We believe in empowering employees on all levels to be purpose-driven, even if it means breaking away from their routine to enhance a guest’s experience. Employees on the frontlines shouldn’t be afraid to go out of their way to assist a guest without management’s permission. They should feel empowered to help that guest because time spent that way is their job.