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MeatBalls pizzaria

Sylva, North Carolina

In 1983, fueled by a passion for authentic Italian flavors, Karen Martar brought a cherished family meatball recipe from New York to the quaint mountain town of Sylva, where she founded the renowned Meatballs. For 17 years, her restaurant, a Main Street fixture, not only delighted patrons with mouthwatering pizza and signature meatballs but also left an indelible mark on the community. 

Karen’s commitment extended beyond culinary delights; she dedicated herself to various charitable causes, advocating for neglected children, caring for abandoned pets, and championing fair regulations on the town’s zoning board. Her passing in 2007 was mourned as a profound loss for Sylva. Today, Karen’s daughter, Crystal Pace, and her husband, Chef Santiago Guzzetti, carry forward the legacy with a revival of Meatballs on Main Street, ensuring that Karen’s spirit lives on through delicious offerings and a commitment to community. Whether savoring wood-fired pizza or the beloved meatball recipe, each visit is a tribute to Karen Martar’s enduring influence.
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